Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats PS2 and PC

gta san andreas cheats ps2Grand theft auto (abbreviated to GTA) is a video game series set on fictional locations all inspired by American cities and the player is allowed to choose his/her mission for progressing. The game also allows side activities like that of driving, role-play, stealth and some racing elements. For the start the player can take the role of a city criminal or any other wannabe in the city. He becomes an individual who wants to make it big in the city through organized crimes. Then starts the phase of the missions, the player is given various assignments by the kingpins and the majors of the city to carried out. The regulars are the assassinations and other violent crimes. In the series that followed the players are subjected to life like situations where they are left alone to be dead or may be betrayed by the loved ones. Grand theft auto: San Andreas has approximately two hundred vehicles as compared to only sixty in the third version of GTA. The other addition include the gang wars, modified rampages, expanded money system, burglary, mini-games and features that allow you to modify your car.

The game has gained huge popularity to the extent that for a player getting stuck at the level can be disheartening. Keeping this in mind grand theft auto san andreas cheats have been developed for all levels to allow the players to easily cross the levels where they are facing obstructions. You just have to enter these cheats while playing the game, remember you do not have to pause your game to enter these cheats. We get to you the complete list of cheats for your game for all levels.



gta san andreas cheats pc


GTA san andreas cheats pc can help you make your game easier over the pc and GTA san andreas cheats ps2 helps you by making the levels easier at your play station. We provide you with the access to download the cheats to all the levels of the game. With the help of these cheats you can explore the unexplored depths of the game with ease.

Use the download button below to access the full list of gta san andreas cheat codes via this link: You’re require to fill up one simple survey before proceed to download link.



Act now and discover everything new. This is the FULL LIST of gta san andreas cheats !

We offer all the cheats that the player can ask for. Cheats are most commonly used for:

  1. Police Stats and gangs – Recruit anyone, never wanted, Gangs that control the streets, Muscle power and a full new offers.
  2. Weapons, Health, Armour and Money – Unlimited – health, ammunition, Oxygen and much more.
  3. Spawning Objects – Tank, ranger, hunter, stunt plane and a vast range to choose from.
  4. Vehicles – Nitro cars, water driving, go invisible with the car, better controls and the newest in the vehicle you can wish for.
  5. Game play – Fast movements, higher jumps, mega punches, parties on the beach etc.
  6. Weather and Time – Sandstorm, cloudy day, orange sky, speed up and down.

These are only a few, to discover the full range of the cheats for GTA san andreas follow the link mentioned above. You name it and we have the cheat for you, to ease those toughest levels.

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